Como jogar Sinuca Bola 8 - 2004 - regras do jogo

Sinuca Bola 8 - 2004
Sala de Jogo Online - Sinuca Bola 8 - 2004


While playing, the interface offers numerous facilities that help a user play and enable them to enjoy the game fully.



You can start a new game here using the setting below:

If you want to play at the table with no viewers, you can select Private table. Then, the only way to get a partner or an opponent is to select Invite Invite to game. It is also possible to invite the viewers.
Ranking Game - clicking on that option means that the game will be included in the ranking.
Time - having clicked on that option, it is possible to set the time allowed for a move. If a player does not perform a move in that time, they lose the game.
If a player does not want to be accompanied while playing, they can set No watchers.
You can also choose No invitations - when this option is set, a player automatically does not accept any suggestions of invitations.
Switching on and off the Sound alarm means turning on and off the sound while performing a move.
Game report - switches on and off the system messages while performing a move.


Having double-clicked the name of a selected player, the precise information about him or her will be displayed:

The player: the player's name;
Ranking: the player's position in the ranking;
Games completed: the number of games completed (but not the ones interrupted by him or her);
Games abandoned: the number of games abandoned;
Games won: the number of games won;
Games lost: the number of games lost;
Series: it presents the advantage of wins over loses or otherwise (thus, for 5 wins and 10 loses, the series is -5);
Ping: it shows how long it will take for the chat message to reach the other players online;


A player can change game interfaces by clicking the mouse button in the Game interface section. The section is available in the Main menu exclusively. It is impossible to change the game interface while playing. If a player does not have a particular interface, they can download it from the net clicking the Download option.

GAME CONTROL (only in the game window)

Stand Up: It is the option that enables a player to leave the table and one of the observers can take the place.
Game Start: It starts the game.
Break the Game: It stops the game without scoring any ranking points. The opponent's acceptance is necessary.
Give Up: It gives up the game.
An arrow in the lower right corner makes the menu appear and conceal, so that it would not interrupt playing.

Apart from the options presented above, the window offers full service of the stroke parameters.

Stroke Force It sets the stroke force.
It can be set in the same window by clicking on the cue and pressing the left mouse button in order to move the cue up or down. The stroke is performed when the right mouse button is clicked within the bed of the table.
The stroke force can also be set while catching the cue that is visible on the table and drawing it back with the right mouse button. The stroke is performed having released the mouse button.

Cue angle It sets the cue angle.
It is set while clicking on arrows. If there is another ball on the way, the angle is increased automatically.

Ball hitting point It sets the point on the white ball that the cue will strike.
It is set by the left mouse button clicking on the blue point and holding it until it is moved to the position required.


Only hosts can use first three options in this section.

Invite to game: Simply select a person you want to have at the table and click the button. If the player agrees (and does not have No invitations option set on), he appears at the table.
Boot from game: When you do not want to play with a specified player, as a host you can always Boot him from game. But do not use this option too often as players may stop playing with you. Boot only when you have a really important reason to do it.
Transfer hosting: Are you feeling tired of being a host? You can always Transfer hosting to the other player or even to a watcher. If you suddenly quit the game, hosting privileges are transferred to the first player who logged in the game after you.

There is also the window named "Players in a room". The asterisk at the nick means that the person is the table host. The "eye" means that the person is an observer.