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If you want to judge my life path, I will loan you my shoes
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I am strange because I like clear situations. I like to know what I am standing on, who's who in this game and what is playing for. I like when people brightly are telling me what they care about and what expect - they aren't imitating friends, aren't pretending love. I am strange because I am shunning toxic relationship and destroying situations. I prefer bitter words to sweet lies and something concrete from stalking. I am disliking when somebody is toying with me, when I is taking him seriously. A lie and broken promises, a disrespect and a loss of my time ache me, I value the frankness
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Disappointments in love are painful, are wounding our soul and the heart. All our, dreams are cracking like the clay tureen which is falling down to the ground. He is breaking down into million of small pieces. Some objects are falling down a lot times and they are being pretended to repair. However such a moment is coming, when it isn't already possible.

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