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People only copy the admirable ones! No one envies evil, no one hates the weak! Only the best are copied and envied.
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Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em

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"I banned all your nicknames and your accounts. I hope I don't have to do it again!"


"She has flowers on her head and lots of butterfly in her stomach. Sometimes she is boring, I confess, a little difficult, even very difficult. Very sensitive too. She is full of defects, like everyone else. Humer according to what she feels, because she is very "authentic", "true", can not pretend emotions. And she does not like anyone who pretends close to her. But she has a great heart.
On the other hand, she likes to watch the stars, since she was small, she is dreamy and, for her, there is nothing, explain, the intensity of her LOOK'S BRIGHTNESS!"


"The heart does not choose its friends, its "loves", and who wishes to have around.
The heart is conquered by the attitude of the other!"





A person who is attracted to bad things will always be around the bad, out of the trash. Which is not good, because no matter how much that person tries to distance himself, he always returns to his essence. That is, he will always be surrounded by garbage. So it is to waste time with this type of person.
So it's time you need to get away.
Because bad people will always be close to what is bad!

If people knew the value of true relationships, true friendship, true love, they would not let it out of their lives. It is almost rare, such feelings and therefore should be treated with care.


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"Fake account " you stole my photos and hid in countless cuts, doing your evil. I know that envy erodes the soul, I am beautiful and troubles the weak, but I am honest. It's not enough to be beautiful, it has to have content and character, which is apparently missing both of you.]
I already sent the administrator and like all the others will have one more nick banned, but it is a piece of advice, even if you are not as good as I am, you can do better and have your own ideas, because envy is a sign of weakness and of defeats. I wish I could help you be better than that!

Unfortunately I banished you and we will find the real nick that hid behind this one to bother the good people.
Know that the administrator, through his false nick, finds the real one, so take care he saw why " I'll get you! "
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lying people and cowards! Ingratitude!