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Achievements will only be of value if they are the result of worthy actions.Don't lose the brilliance of your actions.Be worthy

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Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em

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Blue T-shirt
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Sobre mim
There are some nicknames coming up with the name Venus, watch out, it's not me!
Even because my friends and partners of play know how I am. So, if they pass me by, know that it's a lie. My friends know my customs and my particular way of being!
If ask for tokens or impersonate me with questionable behavior, be wary.
It may be a coincidence, but it is good to be attentive, especially to questionable behaviors, which have nothing to do with me.
And never give "chips". Even because (VENUS) I WOULD NEVER ASK!

If you didn't see it, you didn't hear it from me, don't spread it! It is a lie and you are responsible for it! Just say what you can see and look with your eyes and hear with your ears!




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Honest People
Coisas que eu năo gosto
Dishonest people!